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Western University was founded in 2003, located in Tuol Kork district. In 2005, a brand new building was established in Kampong Cham province.


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Developing the University for a better future for students, professors, staff, and people, focusing on quality of education and dignity, mainly associating national identity and consciousness.


To pursue the education and training with quality, the University's mission is to:

  • Prepare a strategic plan, action plans, and financial plan to develop and manage the process of education and training effectively and efficiently
  • Design higher education programs, vocational training, and language in line with national and international training standards, based on the job market, by combining quality, national identity and consciousness.
  • Formulate plans and principles in recruitment of faculty members in accordance with the national qualifications framework, experience, and qualified training with ethics.
  • Develop clear blueprints and guidelines for the management of educational and physical resources and thorough management of relevant policies and disciplines.
  • Train, provide scholarship, research, and give better service.


In order to be a university as set out in its mission statement, WU has identified a series of level goals and objectives that form the basis for its internal strategic planning as well as indicating to the Government and the community how the university, intends to meet and sustain its profile and exceed the minimum requirements for accreditation as a university A long-term goal of WU is to be recognized among in the international community of universities. Accordingly, the University is making its priority to build its strengths and resources. To this end, it can already demonstrate that it is primarily concerned with teaching and learning at a higher level, i.e. that most of its students have enrolled in Associate, Bachelors, and Masters and Doctoral (PhD) Degree programs in addition to the Diploma in Foundation Studies.

The University is firmly focused on increasing its diversity of programs at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. However a clear focus is to increase the proportion of its postgraduate to undergraduate students.

WU is also committed to the advancement of knowledge through research and scholarships which informs its teaching and learning, and encourages teaching who are not already actively engaged in research, to develop a research plan.

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Western University
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+855 23 998 233
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# 145, St 608 Corner St. 313, Sangkat Boeung Kork II
Khan Toul Kork
Phnom Penh