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Established since 2003, Cambodian Mekong University (CMU) is a private university institution located along Yuthapol Khemarak Phumin Boulevard at Sen Sok district.


  • Library
  • Canteen
  • Discussion Rooms
  • Computer Labs
  • Student Lounge
  • Parking Lot
  • Recreational Center
  • Seminar Rooms
  • Book Store
  • Cinema Room
  • Sport Facility


Cambodia Mekong University has set its sights as one of the leading universities in the Asia-Pacific region with international and national intellectuals from all walks of life, providing the fundamental values ​​of education through ethics, knowledge, creativity, and new ideas.


The mission of Cambodian Mekong University is to provide the quality and value of higher education for both national and international intellectuals from all walks of life. As a catalyst for change, the Mekong University of Cambodia equips educators with knowledge and Highest degree of knowledge by clearing intellectual, moral, professional ethics And entrepreneurship. Cambodian Mekong University value education through learning and teaching methods, quality research, ethical research, innovation and innovation initiatives.


  • Promote foreign language and communication skills.
  • Encourage and coordinate the intellectual and moral development of students.
  • Develop, link and sow knowledge of arts, humanities, science, social sciences and science, including innovation and innovative ideas.
  • Promote learning in all members of the university community by recognizing individual differences in achieving achievements, aspirations, aspirations, and aspirations.
  • Promote better study using appropriate and energy-efficient technology for learning and teaching activities.
  • Promoting human rights in all University members.
  • Teach students to understand the value of collaboration and teamwork.
  • Promote better achievements among all members.
School Name
Cambodian Mekong University
Telephone Number
+855 23 88 22 11
Email Address
Street Address
#9B, Street 271
Khan Sen Sok
Phnom Penh