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Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) is a leading administrative public institution in Cambodia, who plays a vital role in educational programs associated with agriculture and related sectors for all levels. RUA was founded in 1964 under the monarch, King Norodom Sihanouk.

It was founded as Royal University of Agronomy Science (RUAS). Between 1965 to 1975, approximately 200 students graduated from the university.

Reopened and renamed as Institute of Agricultural Education (IAE), which only provided short course programs in agriculture. The institute developed into the University namely Royal University of Agriculture (RUA).


RUA, as the leading agricultural university in Cambodia, shall progressively achieve an international level of quality in education, research and extension of agriculture, related sectors and sustainable use of natural resources.


Contribute to the development of agriculture and related sectors and to the sustainable use of natural resources by providing higher-education programs, research and extension in line with national and international development issue and job market needs.


  • Quality and quantity of graduates produced by RUA correspond to job market
  • Levels of programs are compatible with international standards
  • Joint international-level research projects conducted by researchers or research teams
  • More appropriate publications and better extension as a result of improved research by achieving an increased quantity and quality of research projects.
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Royal University of Agriculture (RUA)
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+855 23 219 82
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Royal University of Agriculture
Khan Dongkor
Phnom Penh