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Phnom Penh International University (PPIU)

Established in 2002, it was formerly known as ASEAN University. The name got changed to Phnom Penh International University in 2006. It is presently located in 7 Makara district.


Phnom Penh International University, the University of compliance with national standards (ASEAN) and the international community.


Phnom Penh International University to achieve the knowledge and skills to contribute to sustainable development of human resources capable high ethical quality and responsive labor markets in the region (ASEAN) and the global community.


In line with its mission as defined above Phnom Penh International University will achieve the following key points during the next five years (2015-2020):

  • Brand awareness (G1)
  • Market segment (G2)
  • Increase enrollment (G3)
  • Improve Services (G4)
  • Revise and / or develop curriculum (G5): Comply with local market need, region (ASEAN community), and world as well
  • Extra-curricular activities (G6)
  • Strengthen IQA (IQA office, and processes) (G7)
  • Increase / improve international cooperation (G8)
  • Improve research culture (G9)
  • Increase new field of studies and create new faculty of Art and Design (G10)
  • Staff capacity development (G11)
  • Good governance (G12)
  • Financial management (G13)
  • Clubs (Student and staff) (G14)
  • Integral IT (G15)


  • Fully-equipped Classroom
  • Library
  • Audio Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Modern Cateen
School Name
Phnom Penh International University (PPIU)
Telephone Number
+855 23 999 906 / +855 23 999 907 / +855 23 999 908
Email Address
Street Address
Building 36, St. 169
Khan 7 Makara
Phnom Penh