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National University of Management (NUM)

NUM-IC offers a wide range of scholarships to our students ranging from ASIA to Europe, with our partner universities abroad and also scholarship offered from the government. Here are the several lists of exchange programs we have offered our students:

- IMPAKT Project-The Erasmus Mundus program: is a program financed by the European Commission which aims to promote European higher education, to help improve and enhance the career prospects of students and to promote intercultural understanding with third counties. And it organizes the flow of students between Europe and third countries with scholarships for a period of 3 months to 3 years.

- The SHARE Scholarship Programme: offers a fully-funded, one-semester exchange for undergraduate students from selected universities across the ASEAN region. For the pilot batch of the scholarship programme, SHARE has partnered with eight ASEAN Universities to implement the scholarship programme.

- Osaka University of Economics and Law (OUEL) - International Exchange: provide quality invaluable educational opportunities abroad for the students at 65 universities and research institutes in 25 countries and regions. OUEL also offers high-quality programs which make it accessible to capable students from partner universities around the world and ensure they have worthwhile academic experiences in Japan.

- JENESYS Program (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths): is a project advanced by the Japanese government from the standpoint of providing a sound foundation for strong solidarity within Asia through large-scale youth exchange.

Beside our partner universities, we also give our students opportunities to go on other exchange programs such as Ajou University in South Korea, ICN Business School in France, ASEAN-Korea Cultural Exchange, ASEAN-Russia Exchange, etc.

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