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Human Resource University was first established in 1998 as a non-profit organization which provided short courses in subjects such as accounting, marketing, management and foreign languages. It officially became a university in 2005 and got extended to a doctorate program in the following three years. The university is now located in Chamkamorn district.


  • Lecture Hall
  • Tutorial Room
  • Computer Lab
  • Library
  • Conference Hall
  • Cocktail Lab
  • Cooking Lab
  • Hotel Lab


Human Resource University is a leading Cambodian higher education institution on national and international recognition of high quality education, training and research.


Human resources universities are committed to quality education, training and research to meet the needs of the labor market and employment and to contribute to the development of social, economic and social.


To ensure the efficiency of education, training and to promote the growth of students, employment and professionalism, Human Resource University has set the following nine goals:

  1. Promote Governance and Management.
  2. Strengthening the implementation and development of curricula to meet the needs of the job market and employment.
  3. Strengthening the quality of teaching staff and developing the capacity of the school staff.
  4. Provide Student Services Effectively.
  5. Improve and develop physical infrastructure and academic resources to ensure the effectiveness of training.
  6. Prepare budget plan and strengthen financial management work.
  7. Promote research work.
  8. Strengthen and develop internal quality assurance system.
  9. Strengthen and expand cooperation with national and international partners.
School Name
Human Resource University (HRU)
Telephone Number
+855 23 987 826 / +855 23 994 439
Email Address
Street Address
17, Street 163, Sangkat Olympic
Khan Chamkamorn
Phnom Penh